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RAW | rEEls
Actors: Meet Your Moment.

Here's the reality:

Actors need a reel. It doesn't matter if you are just starting down this artistic path or if you are a seasoned actor in need of fresh material that currently and authentically reflects the depth of your talent. 

On a macro-level, it is critical to demonstrate to the industry you are currently working. But on a micro-level, it is imperative to be consistently working on something that feeds your soul.

This is where RAW | REELS comes into the equation.


Guy Camilleri, (owner of RAW acting studio) and Josh Salzman, (owner of Wavecrest Films), are located right here in Venice Beach, California. With over 50 combined years of experience in front of and behind the lens, Guy and Josh direct, film and edit scenes and monologues that will not only stand on their own, but are designed to look, sound, and feel as if they were literally pulled from a feature film.

  Whether you already have something in mind to shoot, or are in need of material that will highlight your talent, we work with you to define your concept, shape the words on the page, through the on-set experience to final delivery of your scene. This process stems from the methodology cultivated from the RAW | CRAFT classes and THE ACTORS WRITE workshops.

From the concept- to the page- to the screen, we are on board to craft a signature film while holding space for your unique talent and artistry... with an end result that will be undeniably RAW.

22-Snub Nose... I Love You
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