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Our proprietary RAW Flow™ methodology --- the foundation for everything at RAW. 

The RAW Flow™ is a synthesis of specific, proprietary techniques and tools to assist you in facilitating the experience of what it feels like to be fully self-expressed as an actor, writer, and director. This radical, authentic process results in getting out of your way to feel more liberated in order to create work that best reflects who you are in the world.

Master Acting teacher directing professional female actor in a play located in Los Angeles
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We are committed to holding a safe creative container for you to explore.


We encourage you to live in your truth.


We support you to drop the pretense and surrender to the moment.


We guide you to experience what it feels like to relate authentically.


We provide tools to notice, report and define your experience of being in the moment.


Raw Flow™ was designed for you to become a fully self-expressed human being, (actor, writer, director), as often as possible. We are not selling nor are we aiming for perfection. We have witnessed and learned that perfection is boring as heck and a waste of time!


Instead, through the process of activating our Raw Flow™ you will frequently drop the pretense, surrender to the moment, reveal and relate authentically to another human being. All of this is in support of actors living truthfully under a given set of circumstances and fulfilling the immediate task at hand.

An end-result of this flow is a deeper experience of what it feels like to live life in the moment; moment to moment.

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