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Teacher gives notes to actor.

RAW | YOU - Discover your voice

Price: $325/four (4) consecutive sessions

Class Size: 10-12

No make ups, no credits



This is the beginning of your journey to discover and/or re-awaken your authentic voice as an actor, writer, director or creative individual exploring a platform to ultimately express yourself.


Powered by the RAW | FLOW™ methodology, the RAW YOU class is the foundation class on which the ‘Craft’ and ‘Story’ classes build on.


In this class, we curate and assign a series of exercises, autobiographical scenarios, and personal monologues that are rooted in the craft of acting and transformational work. Each week, you will have the opportunity to discover how you are holding yourself back from exploring the creative possibilities that await you on the other side of resistance.


The RAW | YOU class is strongly recommended to take before registering for our ‘Craft’ class.

Actor delivers his monologue to the audience.

RAW | CRAFT - Hone your craft

Price: $325/four (4) consecutive sessions.

Class Size: 10-12

No make ups, no credits.



Experience what it feels like to be empowered by the RAW | FLOW™ methodology as a result of the tools and exercises acquired in the YOU class.


In this class, you will discover a new-found confidence to do two things: to honor the words written on the page and to put your own stamp on the material in hand.


You will accomplish this on a weekly basis by working on curated scenes, monologues and tailored RAW | FLOW™ exercises to further hone your craft and sharpen your ability to meet the moment.

In addition to our actors, screenwriters, playwrights and directors know the value of consistently honing their craft at RAW. Each week, our members look forward to being cast for original material in development by RAW writers and directors.

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the focus is on your CRAFT and on fine tuning the physical, psychological and emotional parts of your instrument. All of this in service of using your voice to live out loud - without apologies.

Directing actors on a film set.

RAW | STORY - Create your own content

Price: $695

Dates: TBA

Day: Thursdays

Times: 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Class Size: 12 max​



Now that you’re experiencing what it’s like to be a fully self-expressed human being and artist, our STORY workshop is the perfect platform for you to create an original piece of content to share with the world.

Guided by the RAW FLOW™ methodology, the seven-week workshop is part transformational, part creative, part accountability, and is a power punch to the gut of your doubts and fears! Every week, we are committed to facilitating and holding a safe and dynamic environment. In this setting, you will craft your story and bring your vision to life, using the medium of film.this


You will develop, write, produce, direct, and screen a piece of content by the end of the seven weeks. And, you will come to know yourself as someone who completes passion projects and as someone who can revel in a new-found sense of independence as a content creator.


In STORY, we care more about what artists have to say than the tools they use to say it.


Our class Motto is:

“How you get there, is how you get there…as long as you get there.”


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